Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 3 - Hong Kong Disneyland

Our third day in Hong Kong was the most awaited by all our business partners especially those who had never travelled abroad.

After delicious breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to the Hong Kong Disneyland at 9.45am, reaching the destination approximately half an hour later. The day was even more special as our great leader CDM Siti Rohana & CDM Azlan had chosen to join our B5 coach. We were so honoured that we literally took pictures with them every chance we had.

Eventhough this was my 4th time to Disneyland, (first & second in Eurodisney, Paris & third time in Tokyo), the inner child in me still scream with joy & jump with delight as we approach the main entrance to the park.

We planned our time as much as we can as we only had 6 hours to enjoy Disneyland. Our first stop was The Small World. It had small boats that took us "around the world" with pretty dolls in traditional dresses danced & spinned for us.

Second stop was The Space Mountain rollercoaster (my hubby & sister-in-law had kindly taken the Fast Pass prior). Rather small compared to the ones in the other two Disneyland I've been, but not less thrilling & exciting!

We had a lunch break at the Royal Banquet Hall & offered our Zuhr/Asr prayers before we set foot again to experience the Buzz Lightyear Game.

Our last stop was the Adventureland where we went on a cruise with a "wild, wild west" theme.

We spent a good half hour to shop for souvenirs & later on? The Parade!!!! We literally danced with the Disney Characters & had a blast!!!!

After Disneyland, we made a stop at the Citygate Outlet Shopping complex for more shopping. The goods were at good prices but unfortunately the Armani Exchange Jeans that I wanted so badly, didn't come in my size.. Huh! I guess size 12 is jumbo size in Hong Kong!! Uurgghhh....

We wrapped up the day with more last minute shopping in the Lady's Market (yes..again!) as we're leaving the next morning.

We even manage to grab a bite of Turkish kebab in Hong Kong, before we went straight to our 5 star hotel bedrooms...

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 ~ Dim Sum, Golden Bauhinia Square, Victoria Peak & Jewellery Shopping

The view from our hotel room.. at sunrise...

Morning!!! Cho San!!!

We started our day as early as sunrise at 4.30 am, to offer our Fajr prayers, Fajr finished at approximately 5.30 am in Hong Kong, despite there were no time difference in between Malaysia & Hong Kong.

After witnessing one of the most spectacular sunrise from our bed, we left the hotel at 7.30am to go to the Islamic Centre to enjoy Dim Sum as our breakfast. Typically Dim Sum has pork as it main ingredient but the ones that we had was purely halal, as it was prepared by Muslims in the Osman Ramju Islamic Centre. Dim Sum means stuffings thus anything with stuffings can be categorised as Dim Sum, including our own popiah (and karipap, I guess!)

After the breakfast, we went to the Golden Bauhinia Square which were the place to commemorate the rejoining of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China after more than 150 years.

Next stop was the Victoria's Peak where we were offered a breathtaking view of the Happy Valley & the whole of Hong Kong island.

After a quick lunch & Zuhr/Asr prayers in the Islamic Centre, we left for the TSL, a famous jewellery shop in Hong Kong. We were given an opportunity to see how the jewelleries were hand-made & we were offered a great discount in the showroom later. I got myself a set of pearls on 18K white gold, for only HKD1500. Good bargain eh?

The next stop was a Duty Free Shop which offered numerous watches, cosmetics & again, jewelleries, then straight back to the hotel at around 4pm. We were given some time to do more shopping at the Tsuen Wan Shopping complexes near our hotel before we refresh ourselves for our Gala Dinner that night

The Gala Dinner was something that I never had a picture in my mind. More than 1000 enterpreuner were gathered in a Grand Ballroom for a Buffet Dinner, that offered entertainments, more than 100 types of delicacies, gold rabbits for souvenirs & even a birthday celebration for those celebrating in June.

One of our business partners was elected to give a small speech, in honour of her achievement in this business. Congrats to Diamond Sales Manager Analis Salleh from Melaka :)

We rounded up the night with a small O-group meeting and took the rest of the night off, as we needed to gather our energy for a big day tomorrow... THE DISNEYLAND ADVENTURE!

Hong Kong ~ a new experience (Day 1)

Alhamdulillah last 17th June 2011, myself & Mr Husband were given an opportunity to visit another country, fully sponsored by the Network Marketing company that my husband & I had ventured in since 4 years ago. This was our 10th free VIP holiday package incentive, and this time we were able to bring a total of 18 business partners with us, a big jump from 7 people in our previous Swiss trip.

We gathered early in KLIA in the dawn of the Friday as our flight was scheduled at 9am. We have chosen the colour sunshine yellow as our theme colour and it was a very energetic moment, seeing all our business partners in yellow, in different styles.

Before we departed we had breakfast at the Old Town White Coffee Restaurant in KLIA. Last Nasi Lemak in the next 4 days!

We even met the famous Sharifah Aini, having breakfast at the same place, and we could let the opportunity to have our picture taken with her, passed.

The flight took 3 hours 30 minutes by Malaysia Airlines. We arrived in Hong Kong International Airport at approximately 1.30pm.

Our first stop for the day was the Ladies' Market in Mong Kok, where it was one of the most famour place to shop in Hong Kong. There were three parallel streets, namely the Ladies' Street where you can find all sort of things for ladies, from cheap dresses to accessories, to souvenirs, The Electronic Street & The Sports' Street where you can buy cheap but good quality sports' attire. We spent an hour an a half in the Ladies' Market, and I was so proud to say that I did not even spent HKD2000! As we aboard our VIP coach, I told my husband this fact, and he replied "well, I did not even spent HKD300!"... oh well...

Next stop? Dinner at a Halal Restaurant called the Spice. The food was great and the environment was so exquisite.

After the delightful dinner, we went to ride the roofless tourist bus that took us around the city of Hong Kong for an hour. It was totally awesome as we were able to see the beautiful city with thousands of neon light colouring it's horizon.

We made a last stop at the Avenue of the Stars were all the famous Hong Kong movie stars has their names and hand print engraved on the pavement, not unlike the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There was a statue of Bruce Lee which was the main attraction to the site, but it was raining so we only managed to take a few snaps before we rushed to the coach again.

We were brought to check in in our 5-start hotel, the L'Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, Hong Kong in Tsuen Wan, which was absolutely jaw-dropping. We had a sea-view hotel with a huge bed and a walk-in wardrobe! Just the cherry on top of the icing!

We had a good rest to continue our journey discovering Hong Kong on the second day...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hari ni hari yg sgt happening bg aku sbb kedua-dua Ibu bapaku ada di rumahku. Pagi-pagi lagi suamiku sudah keluar membeli roti canai utk sarapan kami sekeluarga.

Dalam jam 12 tengahari kami ke rumah saudaraku merangkap doktor Pakar Sakit Puanku iaitu Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat di Damansara Height, sempena hari perkahwinan anak lelakinya, Dr Arief. Sangat meriah majlis itu dengan pelbagai juadah seperti kambing golek, chicken chop, char kuey tiow, nasi goreng, mi kari & air batu campur. Aku sgt terhutang budi dgn Atukku ini kerana beliaulah yang menjagaku semasa aku hamil dgn ketiga-tiga cahayamataku

Kedua ibubapaku juga tidak ketinggalan untuk bergambar bersama kedua mempelai.

Pulang dari Damansara Height kami terus ke Pusat Perubatan University Malaya utk menziarahi saudaraku yang baru sahaja menjalani pembedahan kakinya yang cedera akibat kemalangan sewaktu bermotorsikal berkuasa besar.

Selepas menghantar ibubapaku ke Terminal Bersepadu Selatan untuk mereka pulang ke selatan, kami pulang ke rumah.

Buat julung-julung kalinya aku menyediakan soto untuk mkn mlm. Berpeluh-peluh juga dibuatnya tp apabila melihat keluargaku makan dgn sungguh berselera, terasa berbaloi titik peluhku.. Entah bilalah agaknya aku akan masak lagi memandangkan peperiksaanku yang semakin hampir..

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Putrajaya Oh Putrajaya

Dalam minggu lepas, sekolah anakku telah mengadakan "school trip" ke Putrajaya. Selalunya aku meminta bantuan adik iparku, Elena untuk menemaninya, tapi kali ini aku pula yang menemaninya. Kubawa juga anak keduaku, Wardina.

Kalau diikutkan, hampir dua minggu sekali aku ke Putrajaya kerana abangku juga tinggal di sana, tetapi kerana Fatimah sangat teruja, aku ikutkan sahaja. Rupa-rupanya memang banyak yang dapat aku pelajari dari trip ini. Contohnya, Masjid merah jambu di Putrajaya itu, dibina supaya ia kelihatan seolah-olah ia terapung di atas tasik Putrajaya. Tasik ini pun rupa-rupanya adalah tasik buatan manusia! Hebat bukan..

Pernahkah anda ke bangunan Kementerian Kewangan? Besar sungguh bangunan itu,kan? Haa.. Kalau nak tahu, bangunan itu terletak di atas sebuah pulau buatan!

Selepas menaiki cruise, kami ke Masjid Sultan Mizan atau dikenali sebagai Masjid Besi kerana pembinaannya menggunakan 6 tan besi!

Selesai solat Zuhur, kami ke Wetland Putrajaya untuk melihat bangau atau "flamingo". Bertubi-tubi anak-anakku bertanya kenapa badan flamingo pink? Kujawab, sebab ia makan udang yang berwarna pink!

Trip berakhir dengan kanak-kanak bermandi-manda di Splash Park di Capital Mall The MINES. Dalam perjalanan pulang, ada sesi menyanyi di dalam bas, dan aku sangat berbangga dengan Wardina yang berani ke depan untuk menyanyi lagu Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Alhamdulillah kubersyukur berpeluang menghabiskan masa dengan dua orang puteriku :) lain kali aku ingin membawa Umar & pembantuku sekali, pasti lebih meriah.

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